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Moving is hard. Make it easier.

Moving doesn't have to be a headache.
We bring our durable, waterproof boxes to your door!

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We've got you covered. We make your move headache-free (and save you money!) in:
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PackerBox is Moving Made Simple

Make your move easy and super fast!

We deliver our NO-hassle boxes

Our plastic eco-friendly boxes are delivered right to your door within 24-48 hours. Check here to see if you are within our coverage area.

Pack Effortlessly, Move Simply

Easy to pack, easy to stack
Our boxes make your move simple.

We Pick Up

Making your move headache-free is our motto -- that's why we pick up the boxes when you're done unpacking

Residential or Commercial
We've got what you need

Whether you're looking to move your home or business we have you covered with a package.


We have the stress-free package for moving! With our pack and stack boxes, easy to use packing supplies, and home-size based pricing -- you won't even break a sweat.


Running a business takes focus, and moving can be stressful. We're here to help make your move problem-free with our durable boxes and helpful moving teams.

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Complete your move with
additional supplies

Rent additional moving supplies and purchase packing supplies to complete your move
Additional Supplies (coming soon)
Additional moving dolly
Wardrobe boxes
Glass dividers
Plate dividers
Packing Supplies (coming soon)
Packing paper
Bubble wrap
Zip ties
Mattress bags

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This is ideal for business or if you need more boxes than what is available.

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